Organizer liability motorsport


Unlike other events, the liability of the organizer in motorsport is extended by the danger of the sport and the races. Many insurers reject the risk motorsport – in particular when races will be performed.

The insurance includes:
  • Personal injury
  • Material damage, e.g. in guard rails or leased real estates
  • Spectator, also uninvited guests against the results of an accident
  • Crop damages
Why sportvers?
  • Highly professional and competent
  • Quick handling

We help you to insure your event in terms of the legal basic conditions and your needs.

  • One product, one insurer
  • No patchwork

Our organizer´s liability and the matching accident insurances come from the same insurer. Everything from one source.

  • Knowledge by experience
  • Experience by constant challenge

You are in capable hands. Sportvers assures more than 2.000 customers across Europe. From Formula 1 Grand Prix, DTM, Superbike World Championship, up to top organizer of trackdays, they all trust the competence of sportvers.

  • Direct relation to motorsport
  • Especially developed conditions

Our motorsport organizer´s liability was especially developed for the liability-juridical demands of the motorsport exclusively for sportvers. We as a developer of our condition work always perform on being a bit better. Because “Besser ist sicher”!

You as organizer receive a complete insurance cover which does not lose its validity in race events. Of course no-motorsport events can also be insured.

  • High flexibility
  • Your event in one policy

We also insure your supporting program. Whether it´s a concert, race-taxi, pitwalk, entertainment, pavillion, bouncy castle… no matter what, we take care of it!

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Organizer liability (not motorsport)


During an event, something unforeseen can happen. You, as organizer of the event, can then be personally liable for it and be held responsible for claims – even with claims for damages up into the millions! With such an incident, not only would all savings be gone, it would also accumulate an enormous debt mountain.

The organizer liability insurance protects your events in the event of personal injury, property damage or financial loss to third parties. It provides protection against the risk of damage when organising events (such as sporting events, concerts, stage construction errors, facilities, tents, etc.).

Liability insurance is necessarily
  • All kind of sport events
  • Golf tournament
  • Dance events
  • Conferences and congresses
  • Seminares and workshops
  • Exhibitions and product presentations
  • Parades and street festivals
  • Movie and video events
  • Parties and concerts
  • and much more
What can happen at an event?

A whole lot! Buildings can topple over, spectators can trip over insufficiently laid cables, food can spoil, or objects can be destroyed. Countless things can happen during an event. In short, as the organizer of an event, you have many risks and hazards that you are responsible for. With an organizer liability insurance of sportvers we are at your side.

Additionally included in the organizer liability insurance:

  • Environmental liability insurance (damage caused by environmental effects)
  • Environmental damage insurance (business insurance against damage to the environment)
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Event cancellation insurance


Concerts, festivals and other events are an increasingly complex business and generate huge sales. If there are delays in the process or cancellation, there will be little left over at the end of the sales. Luckily there is the event cancellation insurance. We will compensate you for the financial loss if neither the organizer nor any organizer commissioned by him can be held responsible.

  • Unusability of the venue
  • Non-appearance of important persons
  • Failure of the electricity and water supply
  • Failure of the technical facilities
  • Regulations of authorities
  • Ban on events
  • Attacks, terror, violence, candalism
  • Weather influences such as storm, rain, wind, etc.
Suitable for
  • Concerts & festivals
  • Tours
  • Sports and motorsports events
  • Organizer of events
  • Corporate events/congresses
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Transport insurance

The sportvers transport insurance takes the stress and worries away

In motorsport people aften forget what can happen to the race vehicles during a crash on the transportation route. The comprehensive insurance of the transport vehicle will replace the damage of the transport vehicle, but not the damage on the transported goods.

The sportvers transport insurance insures your transportation of goods, your race vehicle and your equipment.

Optional cover in the driver´s camp against theft
If the vehicle is stored in a secure garage (box) you can also have a insurance cover against theft during the stay at the paddock for an additional fee.

Optional stand risk at home insurable (burglary)
If the vehicle stands at home in a cocluded building you can also have a insurance cover against burglary during the storage at home with a addicional fee.

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Would you like a non-binding offer? In order to be able to send you your offer quickly, we need some information. We take care of your request immediately.

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