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Accident insurance

Why is accident insurance for motorsports needed?

Usual accident insurances exclude motorsport risks. Especially the “achievement of maximum speeds”, so races and qualifying, but already quick timed rounds in a free training are excluded from the insurance cover of a normal accident insurance.

The accident insurance from sportvers includes exactly this risk. You can follow calmly your hobby as a racer, because even in the hardest fights on the track you enjoy cover by our accident insurance.

NOW NEW: Repatriation for medical reasons with medical assistance is included in the insurance free of charge in the amount of EUR 2,500.

The licence possession is also included in the insurance.

Who can purchase this insurance?

All inhabitants within the EU and Switzerland can apply for our accident insurance.

Accident insurance for amateur racer

This accident insurance is like a classical accident insurance. You have cover also in accidents which do not happen on the racetrack.

In contrast to a conventional accident insurance the general exclusion to the achievement of the maximum speed does not apply.

Definition for amateur racer:
Amateur motorsport is given when the overwhelming merit comes from other activities.

Licence drivers can also be insured, as long as they are amateur racer after our definition (see below).

General information

Please note that if you conclude a contract without prior communication with sportvers, you deliberately waive the right to advice and documentation, including the associated consequences vis-à-vis sportvers.

Who can purchase this insurance?

All inhabitants within the EU and Switzerland can apply for our accident insurance.

Transport insurance

What is a transport insurance?

The sportvers transport insurance takes the stress and worries away

In motorsport people often forget what can happen to the race vehicle during a crash on the transportation route. The comprehensive insurance of the transport vehicle will replace the damage of the transport vehicle, but not the damages on the transported goods.

The sportvers transport insurance insures your transportation of goods, your race vehicle and your equipment.

Incl. cover in the driver´s camp against theft
If the vehicle is stored in a secure garage (box) you also have a insurance cover against theft during the stay at the paddock.

Incl. stand risk at home (burglary)
If the vehicle stands at home in a cocluded building you also have a insurance cover against burglary during the storage at home.

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